Understanding Motherboard Types: How to Choose the Right One

Understanding exceptional motherboard sorts is essential if you need to collect your personal computer. it's also beneficial for troubleshooting pc problems without problems. over the years, masses of motherboards had been out inside the marketplace and maximum of the time there are new fashions released every 12 months. To get acquainted with the one of a kind types of motherboards particularly in deciding on one, test the subsequent listed classifications of motherboards:

primarily based On dimension:

toddler AT Motherboard

This motherboard is eight.five inches wide and 10 inches long. commonly, it's far without difficulty diagnosed as the DIN keyboard connector is located at the top cognito bytes proper nook of the motherboard. In widespread, it's miles made for traditional Pentium processors as it has a socket 7 ZIF slot. it is also called toddler AT considering that its typical length is simply two thirds of a regular AT motherboard.

complete AT Motherboard

that is the very first sort of motherboard made and it measures 12 inches wide and eleven inches lengthy. It suffered lots of issues in peripheral installation and troubleshooting as the overall layout is not so suitable. Its accessibility is poor as well because the drive bays are established above the motherboard. additionally, the expansion playing cards cover the processors main to negative device air flow and excessive chance of overheating.

ATX Motherboard

ATX is 7.five inches in width and 12 inches in length. it is usually made for Intel processors. Its bus pace is around one hundred MHz and it has a smooth energy support which best means that the operating device can shut it down. The USB ports and i/O ports also are incorporated at once. The first-rate factor about it's far the way the whole thing is located; the child AT components inside is rotated in ninety ranges so the cards inside the bus architectures will no longer cover the processor, therefore helping in green device air flow.

based totally at the type of Processor:

Socket A Motherboard

otherwise referred to as Socket 464, this motherboard is made for Durons and AMD processors. it's miles made in Pin Grid Array with 462 pins and the bus velocity is round one hundred to two hundred MHz.

Socket 370 Motherboard

that is made for Celeron, Pentium III, via C3 and via Cyrix III processors. it's far in PGA package deal with 370 pins and the bus pace runs around sixty six to 133 MHz.

Socket 378 Motherboard

also known as Socket N, this motherboard is made for Pentium 4, Pentium 4EE and Intel Pentium M processors. it's miles built in PGA package deal with 478 pins. In average, the bus pace runs around one hundred to two hundred MHz.

Socket T Motherboard

it is also termed as LGA 775. This motherboard type is made for Intel Xeon, Intel middle 2 Duo, Intel middle 2 Quad and plenty of extra comparable processors. it's miles built in PGA with 775 pins. Its bus speed is high as well at 1600 MHz.

Socket 939 Motherboard

This form of motherboard is made for AMD processors. Made in PGA package deal as nicely with 939 pins, its bus speed is rapid at 2 hundred to a thousand MHz.

Socket AM3 Motherboard

that is made for AMD Athlon II and AMD Phenom II processors. it is also built in PGA with 941 pins and bus speed charge at 200 - 3200 MHz.

Socket H Motherboard

the alternative time period for this is LGA 1156 and it comes in LGA layout with 1156 pins. it is first of all made to support IntelCore i3, Intel center i5 and Intel center i7 processors.

seeing that there are plenty of motherboard classifications and brands, it is vital to bear in mind these info when repairing computer systems, in particular if one particular part must get replaced, or on every occasion a new one need to be selected. be aware of compatibilities and make sure to recognize your laptop's motherboard thoroughly upon buying a new unit.